Good old Pacman Unblocked

Another great/legendary flash game has been unblocked by our team – Pacman Unblocked. We all know Pac-man game right? I mean it is game of our childhood; we used to play it all day long in our local arcade cafĂ©. This is why we have decided to hack this flash game, people admire it and many play it even in the present day, after so many years we are still loyal to Pacman Unblocked and every time we play it memories of good old days come to us.

Pacman Unblocked

Now about some tricks which will help you to gain high scores and break record:

When you eat big white dots make sure that you chase ghosts while buff is active and eat them, eating many ghosts in a row will grant you double points.
Make sure that you also eat fruits which pop-up randomly across the map.
Try to eat white dots when there are maximum ghosts, after consuming buff chase them get your points and repeat this process when new ghosts respawn.

Yeah I know these tricks are pretty basic and probably most of you already know this, but maybe someone is noob so it might be helpful for those gamers.

Unblocked version is pretty much the same as original one, objective is as always to survive, eat all white dots and collect maximum amount of score.